Tina Garabedian: We hope to be in the top 20

10:30 - 01 Mar, 2016

At the World Figure Skating Championship Armenia will be represented by Tina Garabedian/Simon Senecal ice dancing couple. There is still a month before the World Championship in Boston, USA. In a conversation with ANOC Tina Garabedian told about the preparatory works and the expectations.

-First, I want to congratulate you on qualifying for the World championship. What impressions have you got from the European Championship?
-Thank you. The European Championship was an incredible experience! We were in the same room and skated in the same ice rink with the top dance couples in Europe. It was very motivating and amazing to be there with them. I would never have thought that this would happen. All of this is honestly a dream come true. It's sometimes hard to believe. We participated in the championship with the best couples in Europe, we skated well and we even qualified for the World Championship in our first season together as a new team. And we moved up 2 spots. I think that it is an accomplishment that everyone should be proud of.
-How do you prepare for the World Championship?
-Now that we have qualified for the World Championship, we have to concentrate on making everything as perfect as possible. We have to work on our expressions, matching the heads and arm movements...all the little things that can upgrade our marks. During the next few weeks we have to work hard for the World Championship.
-What do you think, what results will you register?
- I want to note again that it is a great accomplishment for us representing Armenia. This time we will be up against the best teams in the world. We hope to skate well and be included in the top 20 regardless of the number of couples. If not, it is still unbelievable to be there. We are looking forward to it.

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