Mihran Harutyunyan: I didn’t look myself at the European Championship

12:20 - 16 Mar, 2016

First European Games silver medalist, Armenia’s Greco-Roman wrestling team member Mihran Harutyunyan spoke about the reasons of his failure at the European Championship and the future plans in a conversation with the ANOC press service.

-Mihran, what impeded you to perform well? You didn’t look yourself on the mat.
-First of all I lost my inner balance. I wasn’t able to turn my body on. I was present only physically on the mat. I could hear, see everything but something was wrong with me, I could do nothing. When I was on all fours I figured out what my opponent was going to do but I was taken aback. I heard the head coach’s instructions, he was giving me right tips, unfortunately, I couldn’t fulfill them.
-There were rumors that you had left for Riga with injury. Is it true?
-As for my back injury, which I had got during the last training camp, it wasn’t bothering me so much as my hand injury. I almost couldn’t work with two hands. I have tried for a long time to recover by many different methods before the European Championship, but I didn’t manage it completely. Now I think there is no need of having surgery. But I don’t justify myself. I should have fought better in any case. Victories and defeats are an integral part of sport and life. I promise I will still make a considerable contribution to my country.
-What plans do you have before the Olympics?
-Now I need time to stay alone with my family. They are the only people who don’t change their attitude towards me regardless of my results. This defeat will be a lesson for me. I will analyze my performances and will keep practicing. Before the Rio Olympics I will take part in several tournaments. On March 17 I am planning to pass a medical examination.

P.S. I apologize to Armenia and all people who believed and rooted for me. I congratulate our team on the results at the European Championship. I wish us good luck and new victories. Thank you.

ANOC press service

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