Artashes Nersisyan: A new page is being written for the women’s weightlifting team of Armenia

10:30 - 17 Apr, 2016

The Armenian women’s weightlifting team is a European team winner.  The team headed by Artashes Nersisyan became a European team winner scoring 449 points and capturing 5 gold and one silver medal. The coach summed up the championship and spoke about future plans in a conversation with ANOC press service.

-Mr. Nersisyan, let’s summarize the European Championships and speak about the performances of our athletes.

-We had an intention to take part in the team competition yet in Armenia. Now I can confidently say that a new page is being written for the women’s weightlifting team of Armenia.  It wwas the team result that gave us this victory. Speaking about Anna Govelyan, I can say that I’m pleased with her. She did what we expected her to do. I am a little discontent with Izabella Yaylyan at 58kg as she was in good shape and was able to fight for the 3rd or 4th place.

-What about Christine Petrosyan, Arpine Dalalyan and Sona Poghosyan?

-Christine performed well. I didn’t expect her to step forward. She could bring good  points for the team. Sona who placed 4th was allowed to place 5th. She is too young and has recently moved to the youth age group. Our Arpine did her best but she was able to win a medal.

-And what about the champions?

-Both Nazik and Hripsime had perfect performances and did what we wanted.

-This is a historical achievement for the team. What should be done to stay the same course?

-People in the regions and cities should see and believe that girls can win at the European Championships. We should recruit girls from all over the country. If someone is strong she should try out here as well. We need to have a large quantity of athletes in Armenia and then make a choice in quality.  Of course, we have a new generation, however, a long and hard work is required.

- Now we are going to concentrate on the Rio Olympics. What are we going to Rio for?

-We have Hripsime and Nazik but the team members are able to substitute them. These victories should give new impetus to the champions and make them move ahead. I wouldn’t say that the girls are very close to medals but they aren’t so far from them, either. We have to work hard.

Team members Hripsime Khurshudyan and Nazik Avdalyan became European champions, Sona Poghosyan finished 4th, Arpine Dalalayan – 6th, Anna Govelyan – 9th, Izabella Yaylyan – 10th and Christine Petrosyan  - 5th.

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