ISSF World Cup kicks off in Munich

23:30 - 21 May, 2016

The International Shooting Sport Federation Rifle and Pistol World Cup has kicked off in Munich, Germany.

At the World Cup Armenia is represented by Hrach Babayan, Christian and Irina (Aghajanyan) Lauer.
On May 21 all 3 shooters has taken part in the competition launch.
In the men’s 10m, air rifle, 60 shots competition Hrach Babayan scored 627, 6 points and placed 9th among 114 shooters. The athletes who placed 7th and 8th scored equal points and were given the preference for the shooting accuracy knocking out Hrach Babayan of the finals. Christian Lauer placed 36th scoring 623, 1 points in the same event.
In the women’s 10m, air pistol, 40 shots competition Irina Lauer (Aghajanyan) placed 105th with 406, 7 points among 137 competitors.
On May 22 Hrach Babayan and Christian Lauer will compete in the 50m, rifle prone, position in squad event, the finals of which will take place on May 23.
Photo by Getty Images
ANOC press service

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