Gymnasts about European Championships

12:29 - 30 May, 2016

3 members of the Armenian gymnastics team, Artur Davtyan, Vahagn Davtyan and Artur Avetisyan, became silver medalists at the European Artistic Gymnastics Championships in Bern. The European silver medalists expressed their feelings and spoke about their future plans in a conversation with ANOC press service.

Vahagn Davtyan: I can’t express what I am feeling now. I was a little nervous but disposed to succeed. It was the 5th time I was reaching the finals of European Championship but every time something was impeding me. I always stayed behind the top 3 by a half step. Thank God, this time everything was wonderful. I am very happy for my teammates and our team. I am grateful to our coaches.
Artur Davtyan: I am very gratified by our team’s performance. I fulfilled my task. I had to do my second jump before the Olympics and I did it rather well and managed to conquer silver. It was important to have my exercise ready before the Olympic Games. There is really a huge difference between this apparatus and the apparatus that we train on. It is very old and there are many nuances that are invisible for non-specialists. Only imagine the success we will have if we train on such apparatus (laughs).
Artur Avetisyan: It is my first serious success. I can’t express my feelings. I am very happy. I am thankful to my coaches for their support and advices. I also thank my parents. Now I am going to complicate my exercises.
At the European Artistic Gymnastics Championships the Armenian gymnastics team members conquered one gold and 3 silver medals. Harutyun Merdinyan became European champion on the pommel horse.

Switzerland, Bern
ANOC press service

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