Boxer Aram Avagyan: “Road to Rio”

11:30 - 10 Jun, 2016

The official website of the National Olympic Committee of Armenia continues the project, “Road to Rio”, before the start of the 31st Rio Summer Olympic Games where it will tell about the athletes representing Armenia at the Olympics, and their photos made by photographer Hakob Berberyan specially for the “Road to Rio” project.

The next hero of our project is Boxer Aram Avagyan (56kg). The boxer was born in Yerevan in 1991. Despite the chosen sport Aram is a very calm person. During competition the only person he wants to see is his coach. Before entering ring the Armenian athlete prays and hangs his cross around the coach’s neck. Aram has chosen boxing without loving it. The love towards the sport has come with time after the first victories.

-What mascot are you going to take with you to the Olympics?
-I wouldn’t call it a mascot; as always my prayer and cross will be with me.
-Whom would you like to see with you or among spectators?
-Only my coach.
-Whom are you going to share your success first with?
-With my family and my girlfriend.
-Please, describe the Olympic Games in three words.
-Most important sporting event, strongest athletes and glory.
-How would you like these Olympics to be remembered?
-I’d like to see my name written in the Olympic history.


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