Melanyan Stepanyan: Tina Karapetyan has been in the Armenia's national team for a year

12:00 - 31 Oct, 2015

 Melanya Stepanyan, the president of Armenian Figure Skating Federation, in a conversation with the ANOC press representative talked about the rumors in the media that Tina Karapetyan from Canada is willing to come out under the flag of Armenia.

«It's been a year Tina Karapetyan is in the national team and in 2014 she took part in the World Championship. At the World Junior Figure Skating Championships in Tallinn we saw that her partner didn't match her and we decided to change him. These days Tina is participating in the Junior Grand Prix in Austria with her new partner’', told Melanya Stepanyan the ANOC reporter. Now Tina Karapetyan comes out with Simon Senecal.

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