Tigran Kirakosyan a bronze medalist of the World Sambo Championship

14:25 - 14 Nov, 2015

The Armenian athletes Tigran Kirakosyan conquered a silver and Ernest Hayrapetyan a bronze medal at the World Sports Sambo and Combat Sambo Championships in Morocco, Casablanca.

In the first day of competition a serviceman athlete from Stepanakert, Ernest Haykrapetyan (w.c.57kg) grabbed a bronze medal. The another Armenian representative, sambo and judo Olympic youth sport school alumnus Tigran Kirakosyan (w.c. 52kg) from Vanadzor blowing away the rivals reached the final. Till the end of the fight Tigran was scoring 2 points but at the last minute lost 4 points. Trying to save the situation he threw the opponent but the referees disallowed it. The fight ended 2:4 in favor of a Khazakh athlete.Tigran Kirakosyan took the silver medal.

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