Young Greco-Roman wrestlers win 2 medals in Batumi

15:44 - 01 Apr, 2019

Young Greco-Roman wrestlers have taken part in an international tournament held in Batumi from March 27 to 30.

Led by Armen Babalaryan wrestlers Ashot Kirakosyan at 77 kg has won a silver medal and Ruben Hakobyan at 63 kg - a bronze one.

Head coach of the Armenia youth Greco-Roman team Armen Babalaryan told the ANOC press office that they had joined the tournament without the main lineup.

“We have joined the tournament with the 2nd and 3rd numbers. I’m not pleased with the results, we could do more. Indeed, there was a tough rivalry, there were many titular wrestlers but our guys aren’t weak, either. There were fights when our wrestlers were winning 7:0, 5:0 but lost in the last minute. I think it’s because the wrestlers who participated in the tournament have recently moved to the youth team from the cadet one. As you know for cadets each round lasts 2 minutes but here we have 3 minutes. We have a special approach and program to make the transition correct and for guys be able to endure”
The youth team will participate in an international tournament in Kaspiysk with the main lineup from April 4 to 8.

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