Levon Julfalakyan: Every medal has its value

15:14 - 15 Apr, 2019

The European Wrestling Championship ended in the capital city of Romania, Bucharest. The Armenia Greco-Roman wrestling team won 2 bronze medals – Karen Aslanyan at 67 kg and Arsen Julfalakyan at 77 kg.

Head coach of the Armenia Greco-Roman wrestling team Levon Julfalakyan summed up the championship in an interview with the ANOC press office and stressed that the team was able to do more.

“Two medals were few; I expected more. We made mistakes in 2 weight classes (refers to the 63 kg and 72 kg weight categories). And it is the athletes’ guilt. At 63 kg Slavik Galstyan was able to qualify for the final and wrestle there. I can’t say what will happen in the final but he had to appear there. (Galstyan lost the very first bout of 63 kg weight class to Norwegian Stig-Andre Berge. And after it he conceded the bronze bout to Azerbaijani Taleh Mamadov). Hrant Kalachyan (72 kg) fought badly for a bronze medal and gave the victory to the opponent. We could have had 4 medals. Arsen Julfalakyan had to reach the final, too, but made a tactical mistake and the judges gave a wrong assessment to the situation. 2 bronze medals is a good result for any country. We always strive for gold medals but every medal has its value.”

Levon Julfalakyan is displeased with some wrestlers. “Gevorg Gharibyan, Sargis Kocharyan, Rudik Mkrtchyan didn’t fought at their full strength.”

The head coach explained why he had led the team to the championship with its full lineup. “I had expectations from everyone, we have the European Games ahead and we needed qualifications in 6 weight classes and the participation in this championship was obligatory. I also had hopes connected to the wrestlers of the rest 4 weight classes. The lack of experience impeded David Ovasapyan to perform well, he has still to grow, but as he has been a prize winner at world and European youth championships he was given a chance. Before the World championship we’ll see in how many weight classes to perform.”

Levon Julfalakyan also informed that before the European Games in Minsk the team will spend two training camps and will join in an international tournament.

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