Arsen Julfalakyan: Mihran Harutyunyna’s words contradict each other

18:00 - 14 May, 2019

Greco-Roman wrestling Olympic silver medalist, world and European champion Arsen Julfalakyan spoke about Olympic and European Games silver medalist Mihran Harutyunyan’s announcements.
“I wouldn’t like to talk about this show but I have to. In the sports world Levon Julfalakyan’s name is associated with discipline and principality and I don’t think he would be able to lead the team for 20 years if they could impose the formation of the team on him.
I want to stress that Mihran Harutyunyan’s announcements contradict each other; on one hand he says he has no problem with Levon Julfalakyan, on the other hand he says he does.
I don’t get the point of this show. Mihran hasn’t had bad relations with the team athletes. He simply hasn’t trained with the team since the Olympic Games. It is also inappropriate when the guys’ medals at the last European Championship are discussed. A bronze medal isn’t a gift from the heaven. For it one spends 4-5 fights which aren’t that easy especially in the Olympic weight classes.
Finally, I’d like to add that we, wrestlers, are used to speaking face to face and not though media,” Arsen Julfalakyan said.

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