Arayik Baghdasaryan: The fight against the American club could have had another outcome

17:23 - 30 Nov, 2015

Armenia’s freestyle wrestling team’s head coach Arayik Baghdasatyan summed up the World Freestyle Wrestling Clubs Championship in the interview with ANOC. 

“By a drawing of lots we appeared in Group C with Bulgaria, Kirgizstan and Georgia. According to the competition rules only first place winners could pass to the nest round. We gained advantage over Kirgizstan’s, Bulgaria’s and Georgia’s teams. We had ended the fights in draw 4:4 and having an obvious advantage of points we took the first place. In the semi-finals we suffered a defeat 6:2 at the hands of the American club though the fight could have had another outcome. The thing is that Garnik Mnacakanyan (57kg) was winning the American wrestler with a score of 6:2, but unexpectedly lost. Also Valter Margaryan after gaining three nice victories got an unfortunate injury and we had to withdraw him from the further bouts. That’s why we lost in the 70kg weight class and then were beaten 1:7 by “Kefayati”. The only victory registered Garnik Mnacakanyan (57kg). As for the performances I am content with Garnik Mnacakanyan (57kg), Valter Margaryan (70kg) and Valodya Frangulyan (65kg) but displeased with Ervand Tadevosyan (61kg) and Varuzhan Kajoyan (74kg). The other athletes came out normally”, Baghdasaryan said.

The World Freestyle Wrestling Clubs Championship held on November 26-27 was attended by 15 clubs from Azerbaijan, USA, Bangladesh, Brazil, Bulgaria, Armenia, Hungary, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Georgia, Latin America and 4 clubs from Iran. In the fight for the bronze medal the Armenian club “Tashir” was defeated by the Iranian ‘’Kefayati’’.

ANOC press department

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