Armenian fencers finished the World Cup

11:06 - 01 Dec, 2015

Two members of Armenia’s junior fencing team, Eduard Ovikyan and Michael Hovhannisyan came out at the World Cup. 

Eduard Ovikyan (sword) celebrated three victories in the group stage entering the top 128. He won Spain's representative but lost to a Russian fencer. Ovikyan managed to overcome only two rounds. The competition was attended by 278 athletes from various countries.
Michael Hovhannisyan (rapier) gained 4 victories in the group stage and entered the top 64. Unfortunately, he lost to a Japanese athlete. Hovhanisyan obtained two Olympic qualifying points.
The year is ended for the fencers. The next competition will be Armenia's Fencing Championship which is scheduled to be held in January, 2016.

ANOC press department

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