Vahagn Davtyan: The way to any medal is hard

20:00 - 30 Jun, 2019

Gymnast Vahagn Davtyan won a silver medal in the rings exercise of the European Games ended in Minsk.

After the award ceremony he told the ANOC press service about the hard way he had passed and the value of the won medal.

“The way to any medal is hard because you have to prepare psychologically. You can be perfectly prepared physically but unable to concentrate psycologycally on the last minute and something unpredictable may happen, something that you haven’t done before. The most desirable is to become a champion, to think that you have lost only 0.34 points to your opponent but, anyway, I’m satisfied with the result. I’m very happy I qualified for the final on the 5th position and today managed to be the second. Today the training experience helped me as I was prepared physically. Despite great difficulties I don’t regret I have chosen this sport and it was worth staying in this sport for this result. I have had a serious injury, an operation, etc. There comes a moment when you think there is nothing more important than health but I have never thought of leaving sports,” Vahagn Davtyan said.

Lets us recall this year Davtyan had won a bronze medal in the rings event of the European Championship.

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