Hrachya Chandiryan: I assess the guys’ performance satisfactory

15:55 - 01 Aug, 2019

Head coach of the Armenia diving team Hrachya Chandiryan in a conversation with the ANOC press service summed up divers Lev Sargsyan’s and Vladimir Harutyunyan’s performances at the World Championship in Korean Gwangju.

“The individual dives were unsatisfactory, synchronized dives - satisfactory,” the head coach responded shortly.

“There are four dives in synchronized dives – two complex and two obligatory but easier while in individual dives all the dives are complex, that’s why the possibility to spoil the dive in the individual competition is higher than in the synchronized. If they did the synchronized dive as they had done it at the European Championship we would be in top 6 which would be a super result,” confessed Hrachya Chandiryan.

Speaking about Lev Sargsyan’s injury the head coach said:

“I offered him not to take part in the championship in that condition because he would hardly be able to do anything especially to qualify for the Olympic Games in the individual dives but he convinced me he was eager to participate. If I refused him I would break him psychologically. As for Vladimir I expected more of him in the individual dives. He had a good start but than relaxed gradually. Maybe, it was a psychological moment; he strived to show he could reach the final.”

The Armenia diving team will join in the European Championship in Ukrainian capital Kiev on August 5.

“We will leave for Kiev on August 3 to train at least two days. The guys are afraid of fulfilling complex dives in our swimming pool. We try to do everything on the spot but there is also a problem with injuries, we don’t manage to recover”, Hrachya Chandiryan clarified.

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