Eduard Sahakyan: It’s difficult to lead the team after Levon Julfalakyan

15:33 - 03 Sep, 2019

The acting head coach of the Armenia Greco-Roman wrestling team, Eduard Sahakyan, had a briefing with journalists after announcing the Armenia team lineup going to the World Championship in Kazakhstan.

He clarified as a result of a trial at the Republican Olympic Training Centre «Stayki» it was decided that in the 77kg weight class Armenia will be represented by Karapet Chalyan.

“At the moment the team is in a normal physical and functional condition. It’s the last week before the World Championship, the team is having a training camp, other questions will get their answers after the competition. Naturally, it was difficult to take the helms of the team after Levon Julfalakyan, there is no other second opinion of it. At present the coaches and me are doing our best so that the team can stand the pace and perform well at the World Championship,” the coach said.

Answering the question why Arsen Julfalakyan didn’t train with the team, Eduard Sahakyan answered:

“Arsen didn’t express wish to join the training camp, at this moment he sees his trainings in another way. We would like much to have him at the training camp.” According to Sahakyan it hadn’t been essential for the coaches who would win during the trial between Arsen Julfalakyan and Karapet Chalyan. “This was the situation at that moment and we gave it such a solution. After the World Championship we will hold the Armenian Championship in November or December after which it will be clear who will enter the team’s lineup, “Eduard Sahakyan said.

About the rivalry between Maksim Manukyan and Artur Shahinyan at 87 kg the acting head coach said:
“Tournaments showed that Maksim is ready to perform in the 82 kg weight class and Artur Shahinyan – in the 87 kg weight class.”

Malkhas Amoyan at 72 kg will make his debut at the Adult’s World Championship.

“We believe in him, that’s why he is in the lineup.”Eduard Sahakyan said.

The coach ended the briefing saying that he had long been in sports and believed that with the coaching staff they would be able to end successfully that phase.

“There is no task set before us but we must try to perform excellently at the World Championship.”

The World Wrestling Championship is qualifying for Tokyo 2020. At the World Championship, which will be held in Kazakh capital Nur-Sultan, Armenia will be represented by Norayr Hakhoyan (55 kg), Gevorg Gharibyan (60 kg), Slavik Galstyan (63 kg), Karen Aslanyan (67 kg), Malkhas Amoyan (72 kg), Karapet Chalyan (77 kg), Maksim Manukyan (82 kg), Artur Shahinyan (87 kg) and Artur Aleksanyan (97 kg).

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