Habetnak Kurghinyan: Arsen Harutyunyan is ready for the World Championship

17:00 - 06 Sep, 2019

The head coach of the Armenia freestyle wrestling team, Habetnak Kurghinyan, after announcing the lineup going to the World Championship spoke about the expectations and the wrestlers’ physical condition in a briefing with journalists.

“There are no serious injuries in the team. We spent the training camp normally.  As a rule we haven’t taken part in the world championships with a full lineup and this year will be no exception. I have chosen the lineup basing on the results the wrestlers showed at the European Championship, European Games and international tournaments held before the World Championship. We don’t take wrestlers to the world championships only for participation. We will have other qualifying tournaments next year before the World Championship. Considering the results showed at the World Championship we will prepare for other qualifying tournaments,” the coach said.

Habetnak Kurghinyan is sure European champion Arsen Harutyunyan is ready to participate in the 57 kg weight class of the world Championship.

“After the injury Arsen took part in Stepan Sargsyan tournament. There the injury somehow impeded him but then he undertook treatments and in Nur-Sultan we’ll see how prepared he is. I’m sure Arsen will perform well,” he said.

At 125 kg Armenia will be represented by Levan Berianidze who hasn’t  trained with the team. “Berianidze doesn’t train with us as he hasn’t got a matching pair,” Habetnak Kurghinyan clarified.

65 kg weight class Vazgen Tevanyan got a finger injury during the Adult’s European Championship but now he is recovered and ready for the World Championship. “After the European Championship Tevanyan haven’t joined any tournament . In the Youth Championship he caught up on the missed bouts and  will be in good shape at the world Championship,” Habetnak Kurghinyan concluded.

From September 14-22 Kazakhstan’s capital Nur-Sultan will host the World Wrestling Championship where Armenia will be represented by following freestyle wrestlers: Arsen Harutyunyan (57kg), Vazgen Tevanyan (65 kg), Varuzhan Kajoyan (74 kg), Grigor Grigoryan (79 kg), Hovhannes Mkhitaryan (86 kg) and Levan Berianidze (125 kg).

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