Avetik Vardanyan: It’s important to have a competent referee in any competition

11:09 - 23 Sep, 2019

Armenia had also a representative in the refereeing staff of the World Wrestling Championship in Kazakhstan. In a conversation with the ANOC press service Avetik Vardanyan told about referees’ work, his possible participation in the Olympic Games and the specific aspects of his work.

“It’s the fourth World Championship among seniors where I work as a referee. It is the toughest among the four championships I served as it is pre-Olympic and not only I think so but all the referees. The rivalry is very high because geography has grown, athletes have equal abilities and the struggle for the Olympic qualifications makes everything hotter. There is one more circumstance: this time the number of qualifications has been reduced. In the previous Games there were 20 participants in each weight class, this time they were 16, last time there were 7 Olympic weight classes, this time there are 6. The tension is high, everything has reached its peak. For us the responsibility is great too because any slight mistake can affect athlete’s sporting career. As a coach I realize it clearly that’s why I judge by what I see on the mat in order not to play with the fate of an athlete,” he said.
Avetik Vardanyan will probably be included in the refereeing staff of Tokyo 2020. In his words for Armenia it’s important to have a referee during any championship or tournament.
“As a coach I’d say how important is to have a good and strong referee in any tournament, especially in Olympic Games. When Armenian athletes go to a tournament with a strong and respected referee, other referees treat our wrestlers more attentively on the mat.”
At the end of the conversation Avetik Vardanyan added that the final refereeing staff of the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 will be known in May, 2020 but before it there are still several phases to go serving continental championships and the international Olympic qualifying tournament.

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