Gagik Sargsyan: We came out with dignity at the Youth Olympic Games

14:12 - 20 Feb, 2016

The secretary general of the Armenian Ski Federation, Gagik Sargsyan, considers Armenia’s participation in the Youth Olympics decent. In a conversation with ANOC press office. Sargsyan spoke of skier Mikaelyan’s performances, cooperation with various structures and summed up the 2nd Youth Olympic Games.

-Mr. Sargyan, Armenia’s representative, skier Mikael Mikaelyan had three performances at the Youth Olympics. What do you think about them?

-The three performances were different. Everything was new for him in the first competition as ski cross is a national sport in Norway but it was a novelty for Mikael.  We weren’t aimed at taking a prize place. We came out with dignity at the Olympics. Mikael isn’t specialized in ski cross and, to say the truth, he has little experience in tournaments. Taking into account his age and the number of participations in tournaments, we simply came here for participation. I must note that 10km cross-country skiing competition showed that Mikael is a true athlete with a fighting spirit. If we compare, on the one hand are athletes with their weight, height and physical appearance, on the other hand is Mikael. At this age there is no need to be overloaded.

-You want to say that we joined in these games with the Olympic motto – the most important thing is not to win but to take part.

-You know, we have already changed this motto at the Sochi Olympics. The most important thing for us is to take part with dignity. Federation President, Armen Yeritcyan set a task to make a step forward after each Olympic Games. We already have this step forward. When we compare the Innsbruck Olympics with the Lillehammer Olympics, we have progressed much.

-What do such large-scale tournaments give to such countries and athletes as Armenia and Armenian athletes?

-First, we learn much of such tournaments. The knowledge acquired here will be applied both in Armenian championships and tournaments held in our country. And Mikael is a good example of it; he has become more self-confident, eager to achieve higher results.

- Have you established relations with other structures during these days?

-Yes, we have, we have had several meetings with representatives of international structures, particularly, with Norwegian Ski Federation. During the meetings, it was decided to deepen our cooperation, which will give its results in the future.

-What impressions have you got from Lillehammer?

-Every tournament gives me opportunity to learn much about the people of the visited country. I am pleasantly surprised at these games because you can’t find anything negative here. Everything was planned and organized ideally. If there is a skiing culture, its center is Norway.  The Youth Olympics didn’t differ from adults Olympics, maybe, only in quantity.    

Lillehammer, Norway

ANOC press office

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