ANOC President Gagik Tsarukyan meets Levon Julfalakyan

20:38 - 29 Aug, 2019

Today the president of the National Olympic Committee of Armenia, Gagik Tsarukyan, has met already the former head coach of the Armenia Greco-Roman wrestling team, Levon Julfalakyan.

The president of the NOC of Armenia praised the specialist’s 20-year activity, thanked the renowned coach and noted that despite everything he was going to work with him.

“We met before your resignation. I said I thought you had to work till the Olympic Games as it was you who had started this path. But it is your final decision. You said that you wouldn’t continue working in such an atmosphere. Your work during these 20 years has stood out with many medals. If there were no medals and results you wouldn’t work so long. We appreciate your work, victories and medals. You are an Olympic champion, a member of the ANOC Executive Committee and our cooperation must be continuous. We will properly reward you in the near future and will thank you for your work. I want you to be sure that we respect and love you. The NOC of Armenia and me, as a president of the NOC of Armenia, cannot ignore the work you’ve done. Thank you. The most important is that your resignation doesn’t mean you leave Armenian sports. You’re with us, beside us,” the ANOC president said.

In his turn Olympic champion Levon Julfalakyan thanked ANOC President Gagik Tsarukyan saying he had always felt the ANOC president’s support.

“We have worked together for 20 years. We haven’t only worked together but have also been friends. During these 20 years of my work I cannot complain. You have always been beside sports. You have always supported it and we have seen everything. The time had come when there was no other way out. This was the right decision. We discussed it with you, I presented you the situation and you understood me and accepted it. I’m grateful for all those years I have worked. The results we showed weren’t only the merit of coaches but of your support. I have done my best, have fully devoted myself,” Julfalakyan said.

The secretary general of the NOC of Armenia, Hrachya Rostomyan, also praised the specialist’s work.

“The results shown by Mr. Julfalakyan during these years certainly weren’t accidental. The bar he set was so high that many people must strive and be able to surpass it. Thank you. As Mr. Tsarukyan noted we must continue working together for the development of Armenian sports. We need your experience much,” Rostomyan said.

The president of the Wrestling Federation of Armenia, Robert Khachatryan, also appreciated Levon Julfalakyan’s role in the development of Armenian wrestling.

“I’d like to thank Mr. Julfakalyan for our collaboration on behalf of our federation. Regardless of his decision he will always be a very respected and beloved friend for us,” Khachatryan stressed.

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