Armenian cadet team coach tests 25 Armenian basketball players in Los Angeles

14:45 - 23 Sep, 2019

Head coach of the Armenia U16 basketball team Zorik Isajane spent training in Los Angeles testing about 25 Armenian basketball players.
“The training was held at Massis Gym and 25 boys whom we consider as candidates for the cadet team joined it. The boys were very excited and we spent a quite good training. There were also many parents present. In recent years the Armenia cadet teams have regularly taken part in international tournaments as a result of which many people want to play in the national teams. This is a very important age because these children are going to be the future of Armenian basketball. I’d like to say that the doors of the cadet team are open for everyone. With the same attention we are going to follow boys playing in Armenia, Russia and other countries and choose the best ones. The best 12 players will take part in the European Championship next summer and those who won’t enter the final lineup shouldn’t be depressed as they will still have a chance to appear in the national team.
The work goes on and we will gradually understand who will enter the final squad list,” Zorik Isajane told the BFA press service.
The Armenia team led by Isajane will prepare for the European Championship Division C being held in summer of 2020.

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