Segey Mikaelyan was the 29th at the classic style of the Scandinavian Cup

09:55 - 15 Dec, 2015

Armenia's skiing team finished its performances at the Scandinavian Cup.

The team's leader Sergey Mikaelyan took the 29th place of 203 participants at the classic style (15 km) while on the third day of competition he came 45th at the skate skiing. Another team member Mikael Mikaelyan managed to improve his qualifying points. The only female team member Mariam Mikaelyan occupied the last place at the classic style.
''Mikaelyan is a young and rather promising skier. The competitiveness was very high in this tournament and our team members obtained higher qualifying points by their results'' Armenia's Skiing Federation Secretary General, Gagik Sargsyan said to ANOC.

The team has returned to Armenia.

ANOC press office

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