Queensland to bid for 2032 Olympic Games

15:18 - 10 Dec, 2019

Australia’s Queensland state the center of which is Brisbane will launch a bid for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, the state authorities announced.

Queensland authorities have discussed the prospects of making a bid for several months. Australians expect Brisbane will host the main part of the Olympics with the help of Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast Resorts.
“This is not about a few weeks of sport. The Olympic and Paralympic Games can deliver benefits to our state in the upcoming 20 years,” Queensland’s premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said.
According to experts the preparation for the Games will create 129,000 extra jobs as well as will promote serious investment and economic development in the state.
The main topic of the Australian bid is the financial part. According to the preliminary investigations the preparation of the Games will require about $ 1 billion from the state budget alone. Now the authorities discuss the reduction of costs.
The award time of the 2032 Olympic Games is yet unknown. Earlier Thomas Bach, the president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), said the Olympics will be awarded next year. Australia is still the only country to make a bid.
Australia has already got experience in hosting the Olympic Games. In 1965 the Olympics were hosted by Melbourne and in 2000 by Sydney.

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