The NOC of Armenia and the ''Ucom'' company signed a memorandum of agreement

12:39 - 02 Feb, 2016

The National Olympic Committee of Armenia starts the collaboration with “Ucom”.

The Secretary General of the National Olympic Committee of Armenia, Hrachya Rostomyan and the General Director of “Ucom”, Hayk Yesayan signed a memorandum of agreement according to which “Ucom” will support Armenia’s Olympic delegation during the Olympic Games in Rio.

The General Director of “Ucom”, Hayk Yesayan, noted that the company has always supported the spheres of culture, science and already sport.

“Our company is entering a new phase. As you know, we have always supported the spares of culture, science and now sport. And we are going to organize such kind of campaigns continuously. During the whole of 2016 we will be supporting our athletes both at the Rio Olympics and other upcoming events abroad. I think due to our efforts Armenia will finally get Olympic gold and high results. I want to thank the NOC of Armenia for always standing for Armenian sport. This is a result of joint work”, Yesayan said.

In turn, the Secretary General of NOC of Armenia, Hrachya Rostomyan emphasized that this collaboration has a very important implication.

“This collaboration has a very important implication. It is very laudable that Armenian companies support sport. I have repeatedly said that Armenia being a small country should pay a great attention to sport, science and culture as thanks to these spheres it becomes more recognizable in the world. This collaboration is important not only for the NOC but also will have a positive impact on the Olympic movement in Armenia. I thank the “Ucom” company and the NOC personnel for their contribution to this collaboration”, Rostomyan said.

ANOC press office

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