Gor Minasyan: I was inspired by Simon Martirosyan's achievement

16:50 - 17 Aug, 2016

Silver medalist of the 31st Summer Olympic Games, super heavyweight Gor Minasyan is pleased with the kilos he lifted.

''Not everyone manages to take part in the Olympic Games. I think that everyone is pleased with my result, I have set a new personal record and conquered a silver medal for our country. I was inspired by Simon Martirosyan's achievement because before this we haven't had a 19-year-old Olympic medalist. If I could lift the second attempt weight I would be able to lift more kilos in the third attempt. The snatch was very tough but I can't say the same thing about the clean and jerk. There weren't new opponents for me, I know everyone from world and European championships. I have been competing with the champion for 6 years,'' Minasyan said.

Armenia's weightlifting team member Gor Minasyan (105+kg) became an Olympic silver medalist scoring a total of 451kg. Georgia's Lasha Talakhadze set an Olympic record in this weight class, 473kg.


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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