Arsen Julfalakyan: I’ve talked with UWW management staff on various issues

17:26 - 03 May, 2019

From May 1-4 Olympic silver medalist, world and European champion Arsen Julfalakyan has been taking part in various events organized by the United World Wrestling (UWW) and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in Switzerland. 

The wrestler told the ANOC press service he is in Switzerland at the invitation of the UWW.
“The issues bothering many wrestlers during this period have been discussed with the UWW management staff. I’ve talked on some issues related to refereeing; I’ve raised the issue of small countries’ federations which have problems with the participation in all tournaments of ranking series as they are held in different continents and federations due to the lack of financial resources miss them.
I’ve also spoken about pouring oil on wrestlers’ bodies, a problem which hasn’t been solved yet. My next question was about awarding wrestlers by the UWW during world and continental championships.
In parallel me and world champion Serb Viktor Nemes filmed a video showing different tricks which will serve for educational purposes, especially for the countries which are short of relevant specialists (also freestyle wrestlers and women wrestlers are going to film such videos).
Today at the IOC athletes’ commission were are going to discuss athletes’ active involvement in sports processes, their smooth transition from a professional sports career to another and the question of education, how to make athletes to pay more attention to education,”Arsen Julfalakyan noted.

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