Candidates of Armenia’s basketball team come out successfully in foreign teams

18:10 - 09 Dec, 2015

Some candidates of Armenia’s national team come out stably in foreign teams. ABF’s press office provided some data on the team candidates’ performances this season. 

Victor and Marcel Hovsepyan
Like last season the brothers are Rubon team’s front runners. Vitebsk club takes part in the Belarusian Championship and the brothers have spent 6 matches in it. Victor Hovsepyan is team’s offensive player and picks in average 19,7 points. Marcel is team’s best rebounder (10,5 points).
Albert Tadevosyan
Recovers after getting injury and is going to join MSU-Dinamo team which is the winner of the Russian Student Championship. In the near future Albert can appear in the main squad.
Edgar Babayan
He was assigned a captain of Omsk BK 1716 team. Edgar earns in average 14 points in Russia’s Premier League. In summer he joined in Armenia’s U20 national team.
Andrei Konstantinov
Another player of our youth team, Konstantinov was playing in Tula’s Arsenal but has left it because of financial problems. At the moment he is looking for a new club. This season Andrei has passed 7 matches in Arsenal.
Sergey Polukhin
Armenia’s U20 team captain Sergey Polukhin plays for Cherkessk’s Elbrus. Sergey has become the team’s main player and passes about 25 minutes in a match. Polukhin gets in average 6,4 points at Russia’s Super League and makes 6 productive assists.
Konstantin Mirzoyants
Passed 11 matches at Russia’s Super League playing for Tambov. In average reaches 8 points.
Sasun Abrahamayan
Comes out successfully at Iran’s current Championship. He has had 9 matches earning 8 points in each one.
Karen Chivichyan
Comes out at USA Students League playing for Bengals. In his first matches Karen showed his great potential.
Michael Poghosyan
Because of an injury this season had no matches in Tiel Tomkets. More recently he has undergone a knee surgery and it will take him 6-10 months to recover.
Artyom Tavakalyan
Armenia’s youth team’s offensive player also comes out at Students League playing for Hornets (Delaware). He stays in a field about 8 minutes earning in average 6 points.
Arkadi Mkrtichyan
In early September he underwent surgery and is now fully recovered. From time to time plays for Idaho’s Vandals team. In average passes 16 minutes in a field, picking 6 points.
Soon we’ll highlight the performances of Armenia’s U20 team’s candidates.

ANOC press office

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