Gabriel Sargsyan places 10th at the rapid chess of the IMSA Elite Mind Games 2016

16:00 - 01 Mar, 2016

Armenia chess team members Gabriel Sargsyan, Sergei Movsisyan and Lilit Mrtchyan keep coming out at the Elite Mind Games.

After 30 rounds of blitz chess Gabriel Sargsyan placed 12th scoring 12, 5 points and Sergei Movsisyan placed 14th scoring 11, 5 points. In the same event among women Lilit Mkrtchyan finished 15th with 9, 5 points. The rapid chess rounds were played on February 28, 29 and March 1.
On March 1 the grand masters competed at rapid chess. Scoring 3, 5 points after 7 rounds Gabriel Sargsyan placed 10th and Movsisyan – 16th scoring 1, 5 points. Lilit Mkrtchyan took the last position of the rating list scoring 1, 5 points.
On March 2 a Basque system competition (matches with two color pieces at the same time, Swiss system, 5 rounds) will be held at the Elite Mind Games underway in China.

ANOC press office

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