Candidates Tournament: Aronyan shared a point with Giri

21:45 - 11 Mar, 2016

Armenia chess team leader Levon Aronyan drew the first match at the Chess Candidates tournament.

In the first round of the tournament underway in Moscow Aronyan’s opponent was Netherland’s Anish Giri. Aronyan played black and on the 65th move agreed to draw the game.
The matches Karjakin/Svidler, Nakamura/Caruana also ended in a draw. World former champion Vishi Anand triumphed over Topalov.
In the next round Aronyan will compete with Anand. The other pairs will be Svidler/Topalov, Caruana/Giri, Karjakin/Nakamura.

ANOC press office

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