Izabella Yaylyan finishes 10th at the European Weightlifting Championships

20:05 - 12 Apr, 2016

Armenian women’s weightlifting team member Izabella Yaylyan has finished 10th with the double-event of 190kg at the European Championships.

10 weightlifters from Romania, Sweden, Germany, England, France, Ukraine, Italy, Poland and Azerbaijan competed in the women’s competition of subgroup A at 58kg. In the first attempt of the snatch Yaylyan managed to hold 85kg overhead, but in the second and third attempts the Armenian weightlifter failed to lift 89kg. In the clean & jerk Yaylyan managed to lift only 105kg (she couldn’t lift 110kg). Scoring 190kg in the double-event she came in 10th.

On April 12 Vanik Avetisyan (69kg, subgroup A) and Rostam Karapetyan (69kg, subgroup A) will also fight for medals.

On April 13 Armenia will be represented by 4 athletes – Arakel Mirzoyan (85kg subgroup C), Christine Petrosyan (63kg, subgroup A), Andranik Karapetyan and Tigran Martirosyan (77kg).

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