Artyom Tavakalyan: Armenia’s potential is increasing

12:20 - 19 Apr, 2016

Artyom Tavakalyan who plays for the American Delaware State University basketball team is going to join Armenia’s national team in June and take part in the European Championship for Small Countries.

“The season wasn’t as successful as it was expected as we had many newcomers. I am sure we can play better in the next season. The team had the same feeling. This season was a good experience for us”.
Last year Artyom Tavakalyan played for Armenia’s youth team. This year he hopes to succeed in the national team.
“I am hopeful we will play successfully in the European Championship. We can achieve both individual and team good results as we are going to work with experienced coaches. I think we have good chances to place first”.
The young basketball player opines that Armenia is going to play with stronger teams in Europe with every year.
“Armenia’s potential is increasing as the number of Armenian basketball players grows in the US and we know that basketball is very developed in America. People are getting more interested in the Armenian basketball”.

ANOC press service

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